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Interpet Pond Balance

Interpet Pond Balance

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Interpet Pond Balance is a widely accepted pond treatment for reducing organic debris. Unbalanced pond conditions may contribute to excess organic debris in ponds, streams, pump intakes and filters.

Interpet Pond Balance keeps certain nutrients at bay. This helps provide a healthy and beautiful pond without harm to plants, fish or bacteria.

Key Features

  • Pond Balance is used to reduce string algae in ponds and streams
  • Multi-dose product
  • Not temperature sensitive


  • For garden pond use only
  • Keep out of reach of children

Application Rates

  • Small treats a 600 gallon pond 3 times or an 1,800 gallon pond once
  • Super Value treats a 1,200 gallon pond 3 times or a 3,600 gallon pond once
  • Medium treats a 3,600 gallon pond 3 times or a 10,800 gallon pond once
  • Large treats a 20,000 gallon pond 3 times or a 60,000 gallon pond once
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