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UltraKlear™ 5000 UV Clarifier

UltraKlear™ 5000 UV Clarifier

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The Aquascape UltraKlear 5000 UV Clarifier effectively clears unsightly green water algae blooms. Its technologically advanced 55-watt T5 high-output UV bulb maximizes the performance of the clarifier, while the narrow contact chamber increases its effectiveness significantly. The UltraKlear's internal swirl sleeve optimizes UV clarification by increasing the contact time between the algae and UV bulb, increasing UV efficiency up to 50% over traditional UV clarifiers. An on/off indicator provides quick verification of bulb functionality and the electronic ballast ensures optimum wattage and bulb output. The mechanical safety switch automatically turns the bulb off when the ballast is removed. The UltraKlear 5000 is able to be mounted either vertically or horizontally using the included mounting brackets, and the easy-to-remove bulb and quartz sleeve make maintenance quick and easy. The UltraKlear 5000 also carries a 3-year limited warranty.

Effectively clears unsightly green water algae blooms

55-watt T5 high-output UV bulb maximizes performance

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